Saturday, July 21, 2012

Adventures in Shanghai!

东方明珠塔- Pearl Tower, a TV tower
and one of the tallest buildings in 
Shanghai, viewed from across
黄浦江- Huangpu River

Historic building in 豫园-Yu Yuan Garden
Rawrr! A mighty lion!
Lotus flower blooming in
桂林公园- Guilin Park.

The subway and public bus systems are really great for allowing people to get to literally all of Shanghai on just a couple of kuai (1 RMB). 

Also, is anyone looking forward to the Olympics? I know I am; this will be my first time watching it in Chinese!

Lastly, my new favorite food addiction, just a couple of minutes from campus:
猪肉馍-Pork bun sandwich, 6 kuai. 

Shawarma, Chinese style. The cumin
seasoning is a delicious and zesty addition

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